Single Original Fondant Sponge - Extra Soft


Our bestselling Fondant Sponge is available for a very limited time only as a single. 

Important Note: These single Fondant Sponges are the original round shape from the Sponge Set but are slightly smaller and softer in texture than the sponges in the standard set. They will still give you the same flawless base but need to treated extra gently as they are extra soft!

Our Fondant Sponges are the softest, dreamiest makeup sponges you'll ever find that will help you achieve the most flawless base makeup ever. 

  • The Fondant Sponges double in size when damp. This larger size helps you to apply your foundation and cream products much faster - a must for hectic mornings and getting your night-out glam on!
  • Unique structure means that unlike other beauty sponges, your makeup won't all get absorbed into the sponge but stays on the surface. Say goodbye to wasting half of your foundation or concealer every time you do your makeup!
  • The softest, bounciest makeup sponges you will ever use - no more hard sponges on your clients' faces too if you're a makeup artist.
  • Use damp to effortlessly blend cream products for a flawless finish to the skin.
  • Use dry to achieve an airbrushed finish to your base with powder products.
  • Latex-free, non-allergenic and cruelty free. 

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