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Glossed By Claire



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If you want to achieve the on-trend look of Russian eyelash extensions without the fuss or downtime, then look no further than the Mini Iconic Lash!

Our Mini Iconic lashes are a shorter version of our Iconic lashes for those who like to wear a shorter lash or those who are new to lash extension inspired lashes.

Our Mini Iconic lashes are made to look and feel like real Russian lash extensions with a stunning curl and shape but a shorter length, making them perfect for everyday wear.

Do you wear glasses? The Mini Iconic lashes are the perfect lashes for glasses wearers with no batting against the frames and lenses to contend with!  Lightweight, comfortable, and reusable, they're THE must-have accessory.


✔ Mimic the look of lash extensions without the need for lash appointments and maintenance and without damaging your natural lashes.

✔ Light and flexible band makes them easy to apply and comfortable to wear.

✔ Blend seamlessly with your natural lash line.



Type: 100% vegan, faux lashes made from premium quality synthetic fibres - made to look like real mink.

Style: Medium volume, short length. Extra curly.

Length: Short. 

All of our lashes are cruelty-free and can be worn up to 15-20 times when well cared for. 

For best results, clean any adhesive residue from your lashes each time you remove them.

Lashes may need to be trimmed to fit your eye size. 

Adhesive not included. 



Step 1: Apply your mascara.

Step 2: Measure the strip length to your eye and trim from the outer edge if needed.

Step 3: Apply adhesive along the lash band and wait 30-60 seconds for it to go tacky.

Step 4: Use tweezers or applicator to set the strip close to your natural lash line.  Secure the centre of the lash first followed by the inner and outer corners. We    recommend our Pro Eyelash Applicator for the best results every application!

Step 5: Use your Pro Eyelash Applicator to press your natural lashes and the false lashes together for a seamless look.

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