In 2020, I lost someone very special to me, my precious Mum. She always had a real zest and sparkle for life and a love for all things makeup and beauty. She suffered from various life limiting illnesses for many years yet still got up on her worst days, put on her makeup and blow dried her hair and her nails were always impeccably manicured even if someone else had to do it for her.
Fast forward to becoming a makeup artist myself, and I knew that I'd inherited my love of makeup from her. She always used to say that myself and my sister should follow our dreams and that there was nothing we couldn't do if we put our minds to it. 
So I took the plunge and started my own cosmetics business later that year. Our first ever lash collection had 5 lash styles - one of which was named after her - Rita - and is actually still one of our most popular lash styles today.
I learned from her at an early age that no matter how you're feeling, no matter how bad a day you've had, makeup has the power to make you feel so much more confident and really lift your mood and give you the "oomph" you need to get through the day. 
I believe that you all deserve to feel beautiful and special, to be able to treat yourselves without feeling guilty about it, and to find time for self care. When you order from us, I want you to feel like you've just received a very special gift, even if it is just a gift from you to you. That's very much the experience I hope everyone has when they order from Glossed By Claire!