The Most Common Eyelash Styles & What They Mean - Glossed By Claire

Choosing the right lashes for you can be overwhelming - but it doesn't have to be! If you have trouble with the lash "lingo" out there, then keep on reading because we're here to give you a little lash lesson on what the main types of lashes are! 



A rounded lash shape means that both ends of the lashes are the same length – as in the inner and outer corners are both the same length. The benefit of this is that there’s no need to try and figure out which is the left lash and which is the right lash – which we’ve all had to do at some point, right! Either lash can be worn on either eye.  



With winged lashes, the inner corners are short and then as you move along the band to the outer corner, the lashes gradually get longer. These give a beautiful cat eye, winged appearance that also accentuates a winged eyeliner really well too. When you are trimming these down to size, just make sure to trim from the outer edge. 

Clear band.

As the name suggests, clear band styles have a transparent band where there would normally be a black cotton band that the eyelashes are attached to. Some don’t like the black band as are visible on the lash line and prefer a more natural look of the clear band which almost disappears into your lash line to give a seamless finish. Most clear band styles tend to have a more natural look to the lashes themselves as well.



This means that the lashes are different lengths along the band i.e. the lashes are not all one length. It gives a more separated, fluffy appearance to the lashes and works particularly well when you have created a dramatic or detailed eyeshadow and eyeliner look and don’t want to cover it all up with a pair of intense lashes. There are all sorts of wispy styles out there, from the shorter and subtle ones to the full on, 25mm length styles that aren’t for the faint hearted. 

If you have any questions on what might be the best lash style for your eye shape, makeup style etc, we’d be more than happy to help so just pop us a DM on Instagram  or an email!


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